“Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.”

~Amit Ray


The world is full of beauty. Colorful flowers, the change of seasons, natural wonders. Everywhere you look in nature there is something to behold–even something as simple as fallen leaves from a tree.

Beauty comes in as many forms as there are people on this Earth. It can come from a sight, a sound, a smell, a texture–even a taste. And the more senses we can engage at a time, the more of an impact that beauty will have on our souls.

Whenever I stop and simply behold all that is around–escaping from all things negative, even if for a minute–I can’t help but feel a sense of awe. No matter what you subscribe to as to how we ended up on this planet–be it God, crimson fairies, or dumb luck–the truth remains: Nature is a beautiful thing. And choosing to behold this beauty really can calm the mind and give it a break.


A great way to use crafting as a means of meditation and mindfulness is to do so outside. Get out in nature and see what inspiration you can find. I love taking a walk and seeking the opportunity to find something that will inspire my next project.

I’ve been setting myself up to begin dyeing yarn and every time I take my dogs for a walk I have my head on a swivel to see what I can see. At the time of this writing it is autumn, so there are many colorful leaves all around–most on the ground by now. Several times I’ve seen a leaf that has had me thinking, I wonder if there’s a way to make yarn look like that.

The answer is: absolutely!

This realization leads me to know–to feel deep in my bones–that appreciating the beauty that is around us is a sure fire way to find motivation in everything we do.

How do you appreciate the beauty in your life? Which of your senses do you engage to find your inspiration? Leave a comment below and let me know how you find your peace.

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