I have been knitting and crocheting for about 12 years. I began my journey when I was pregnant with my oldest. I struggled initially to learn to knit for a few reasons:

  • I had bad carpel tunnel while I was pregnant, so it always hurt.
  • I learned using a stiff yarn that was prone to splitting
  • I am left handed, but couldn’t figure out how to best handle the working yarn
  • I used straight needles (which are a wonderful choice, but didn’t work for me starting out)
  • I didn’t have a teacher to tell me the best practices, I learned from a book (or two, or three)

When my first born was 4, and my second child was on the way, I tried knitting again (in the meantime I had discovered crochet and immediately loved it). When I used a stretchier yarn, tried circular needles, and now had the experience of crochet under my belt, I was able to “get” knitting and the rest is history.

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